Unless otherwise noted, all samples are copyright The Estate of Jessica Wing

audio recordings

from the August 2003 production by Inverse Theater

Chant of the Chills (I)
O Do Not Go
Mamba Jamba
Garden of Weeds
Blood in the Soil
In All Flattery; Daily They Die (Daily I Dig)
Walking in the Wood (I)
Transcendental Touch
Chant of the Chills (Reprise); Maternalia; Ghosts (I)
Live with Us
O Cry not So
You Are Wrong (I); Super Doc
You Are Wrong (Reprise)
Lost in Your Love
Like You Mother; Ever New (Ever Free)
Hoodoos Arise (Arise You Spunks)
Eleanor's Lullaby
Ghosts (Reprise)
End the Horror
O Lie Not So
video clips

from the November 2008 production by Arizona Onstage